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Atom Machinery Company

The concept design of Atom office was originated from the logo elements; we tried to create a new image for the company deriving from their logo. Therefore, first it was essential to apply the color – orange, second was the aim of giving a sensation of flow from the general space through the small details.

In the lobby area the arrows of the logo start as a catwalk then become reception and ends in a lower ceiling. The rooms are characterized by round shaped angles, which are also connected to the lobby flow of arrows. The walls seem to float ending with curves, which again implies the arrow concept. All this provides a feeling of a constant flow. 

The predominant color as mentioned is orange representing the company logo, while the lightness and transparency enhanced by the smoked glass is connected again to the flow sensation.  The suspended baseboard and walls that don’t touch the floor provides this lightness feeling as well. By using all these elements we offered a more designed image to industrial machine manufacturer office.