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What we do

DLArchitecture is specialized in concept design creation, interior and architecture  projects design  and project management for residential, commercial, offices and hospitality projects. The cabinet practices various design styles.

Depending on the project type and our clients’ requirements, our style may vary between classical, contemporary or even very modern. In overall the elegance of simplicity is the main feature of our work.

Upon clients’ request, the company can provide architecture and interior design services within turn-key project including concept design, project design, project management, furnishing, soft decoration and materials and furniture sourcing. Every project is discussed thoroughly with the clients in order to understand their requirements, wishes and expectations. By that we enable the clients to participate in the creative process.

The firm can source renovation and decoration materials within her established connections with various suppliers in the field. DL Architecture is also experienced in designing custom-made furniture.

Concept creation
After getting clients brief and once the design guidelines have been defined, the firm will prepare an inspiration picture document /mood board to define the style, colours, materials of the project. Upon client confirmation of this preliminary part, we will proceed with the 3d views design. Those images will define the future look of the rooms.

Drawings preparation
DLArchitecture will start to prepare overall 2D drawings necessary for construction. Layouts, elevations and detail drawings will be delivered. The design set will include overall information, quoted designs, materials, color code, sanitary selection… and materials will be shown and discussed with the clients.

Project management
DLA team will be on site from 1 to 2 times a week to check that the construction proceeds according to the drawings. After each visit on site, DLA do a follow up. A daily communication with contractors, client and suppliers will be organized in order to quickly solve any issue that may incur.

Furnishing and soft decoration
DLA will start with the selection of main pieces such as beds, sofas, dining table and, according to selected pieces, will match the missing furniture such as chairs, bedside tables… The furniture can purchased or custom made, and we will follow production. In some cases DLArchitecture can custom design part of the furniture.