Object Creation of a new concept of Italian Pizzeria
Client Dicos
Surface 220 sqm
Year 2017
Location Hangzhou – Jiaogong Road

This project, which has been submitted by one of the largest F&B companies in China: Dicos Group (owner, among others, of Family Mart), takes its main inspiration from Italy. Our client required us to design an Italian pizzeria, the style had to be clearly Italian but in a more subtle way, avoiding up the usual cliché. Among the requirements, the space had to be colourful and linked to Italy, more specifically to the city of Naples. We chose, as one of the main element of the concept and focal point of the restaurant, the alleys of Naples. Spacca Napoli is probably the most known one. Huge black and white picture framed with a wooden structure, as a window, displays the real Naples. No picturesque images, but the dramatic truth of the city, with a strong illumination from the ceiling to highlight his drama. Here is the main focus of the restaurant. The rest is all about colours, not obvious colours, no Italian flag colours, but only the real Italian colours that you encounter in the small coastal villages from north to south. For this chain we designed 10 restaurants.