Meet the team

Domitilla Lepri
President & Founder

DLArchitecture was founded by Italian architect and interior designer Domitilla Lepri.
She receives her degree in Architecture in Rome with honor in 2000 at the “Universita La Sapienza, Facoltà di Architettura”, specializing in architectural restoration and preservation of historical monuments.

In September 2000, Domitilla is admitted to the Italian Professional Association of Architects (Ordine Degli Architetti di Roma). Between 2000 and 2002 she cooperates with  architecture and interior design firms, focusing in apartments renovation and construction of villa around Rome.

In 2002, Domitilla founds her own company “DLArchitecture”, managing projects in Rome and Milan, most of the projects being renovation of old apartments located in these two cities.

In 2004, Domitilla Lepri moves to China and, in 2006, she opens her office in the heart of the hustling bustling Shanghai.

In 2015 she opens the branch office of Rome, and since then travels between the 2 cities.

The office includes international team of architects and interior designers. This unique team characteristic creates a blend of different cultures, which is reflected on the style of our projects.

RICCARDO RUBELLISenior Architect/Interior designer
I am an architect and interior designer from Italy, graduated at Milan university. I moved to China in 2015 and nowadays I am part of DLArchitecture team.
CHIARA MAGANIArchitect/ Interior design
I’ve turned a passion into a job. I love beauty, seek balance, and I give shape to ideas.
CHENEY CAOArchitect/ Interior design
We can’t stop exploring the details of beauty since all wonderful things are reasonable and desirable, always keep curiosity and stay one second to see inside.
CHIARA DE GERONIMO Architect/Interior designer
I’m constantly looking for innovation and change. With passion I create and plan each project taking care of the details, giving shapes to ideas with personality and uniqueness. My favorite quote is: “Architecture is beauty that can save the world” (Renzo Piano)
ELEONORA BENIZZIArchitect/Interior designer
I’m and architect graduated in Rome in 2013. My personal interest in new materials, shapes and color experiments lead me to believe in what I do. I do believe design has an incredible impact on people.
I’m In love with beauty and details. Started as a fashion journalist, then a stylist. When I moved to Shanghai I have found my real passion: interior design. China changed my life giving me the opportunity to work on amazing projects with DLA team.
I have been living in Shanghai for the past 16 years. I’m DLArchitecture’s Office Manager and I’m originally from Milan. I have approached this sector four years ago.
KEJIN KUANGArchitect/ Interior design
I have obtained Bachelor of Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, further study in Glasgow school of art in Scotland. Now I’m working at DLArchitecture in Shanghai’s office.